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8 in the morning, the company's human resources management, director of the center for party a, the party branch secretary ShiCan led each department transferred from the company's first team consisting of 20 people, travel to kunming chenggong new area dragon park, ten thousand JianShenPao activities. The purpose of this activity is to meet the national third national fitness day, sent to the society to exercise an hour every day, happy life forever. It is reported that ten thousand people attended the huge kunming JianShenPao activities of personnel from the municipal government departments, enterprises and institutions, schools, etc. This event is the beginning of the "national fitness day" series of activities in yunnan province, in the future for a period of time, the province will also be different levels, different size, different series of fitness activities of the project.

To participate in the running of the company staff Wang Shouduan told reporters: "because the job is busy, at ordinary times friends each rush thing, after graduating from college basic haven't been so vigorous exercise. This run, with the passion of sport." Also take part in the running of the company staff Zhou Bing ying told reporters: "run after feel whole body ache, this is your usual too lack of exercise. Health is the most important, but health is indispensable to the proper motion, it just give me a wake-up call, to strengthen physical exercise a lot in the future." Every year since 2009, the state council will on August 8, as the "national fitness day", the development of nationwide fitness campaign to further play the comprehensive function and social effect of sports. In recent years, vigorously implement the "colorful yunnan national fitness project" in yunnan province, efforts to create a good atmosphere of nationwide fitness, vigorously promote the vigorous development of the national fitness program. This year, the provincial government has also promulgated the implementation of the national fitness ordinance, clear requirements, governments at all levels must include national fitness development in the national economic and social development plans. During the "twelfth five-year" implementation of the "colorful yunnan national fitness infrastructure projects", investment of 100 million yuan a year, supporting the construction of grass-roots public sports facilities. In addition, but also provided by the sports lottery welfare fund training expenses, training a number of social sports instructors, enrich the masses to participate in morning exercise and WanLian fitness instructor team.