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Kunming flame pharmaceutical (group) co., LTD. Has been committed to the development of the national traditional Chinese medicine industry adhere to the "people-oriented, restraining" talent concept, for staff to build a relaxed and harmonious working environment. Adhere to the concept innovation, system innovation, for the employees up to build a fair and just atmosphere. Company has established a set of respect for talent, develop talent and give full play to the personal potential mechanism, provide sustainable development opportunities and space for employees.
The flame on the talent acquisition, pay attention to person of ability and moral accomplishment and; From the staff in place to the other applicable give full consideration to the principle of the staff's professional skills and comprehensive ability, will arrange to suitable jobs. Companies based on the principle of restraining, reuse, to gain some real knowledge and competence abnormality is promoted; People with poor attitude to work ability, give fall into disuse, build a fair's blockbuster environment.